Screw for Wooden decking

Wooden decks usually consist of thin planks; being outdoors, they must endure harsh environmental conditions.

The most important construction materials are often the smallest. Although you do need all your heavy elements like power tools, cement, wood, and other building materials, it often comes down to the smallest element to bring all of these together. And the smallest elements, in this case, are decking screws. And often, for the best possible finish, you will need the best decking screws.

They are designed to resist corrosion, drive easily and lay smoothly against the deck surface. As they anchor timber or composite deck boards to structural timber or joists, to ensure a good smooth working, these screws have a parallel shank, with a self drilling and countersink feature. This enables the screw to be fastened in a single operation doing away with the necessity of predrilling the deck boards.

Usually made from stainless steel or with a SS coating to prevent corrosion for outdoor use, its other special feature includes a high torque drive fitting such as hexagon, square and torx drives.

Many people do not realize there is a difference or that they even need a special screw for the top of the deck; however, deck screws can be very important to the overall look of a deck. These screws are manufactured with aesthetic appeal in mind, as they will remain uncovered and visible within the deck boards. It is important to install deck screws correctly to ensure the beauty and structural stability of the deck.

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