Wood Screws

Wood screws are used to fasten wood to wood or attach objects to wood and offer an aesthetically appealing finish. The purpose of wood screws is to pull wood pieces together as they are tightened making clamping superfluous. These can be removed far more easily than nails enabling the user to dismantle the assembled furniture or fixtures with relative speed and least damage.

These come in a large range:

Item Code B58

These are heavy duty screws designed with a square or hexagonal head engineered to be used with a wrench, spanner, or pliers.

When driven into timber, the threaded shaft bites into the wood.


Materials: Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
Size Range:
Dia: 5mm to 12mm
Length: 20mm to 150mm
Typical Uses:
for metal to timber connections, or to join heavy timbers.

Fixing clamps, plates to flooring, walls, Dish Antennas, road humps etc


Mirror Screws

Expandet Screws