Plain Washers

A plain washer is a thin plate, which is most commonly has a disk-shape with a hole in middle. It is widely used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener.

Plain washers are used to provide a larger bearing surface where screws, bolts and nuts come in contact with the bearing surfaces.

There is a large range available to suit every application.

The normal series is available as per the following standards
DIN 125
ISO 7089
IS 2016

  • Smaller OD washers for Machine Screws are available as per the following standards.
  • DIN 433
  • IS 2016
  • ISO 7092

Larger OD washers are used for irregular holes, softer materials and larger holes. These are available as per the following standards

  • DIN 9021
  • IS 2016
  • ISO 7093







Special dimensions are also available under our Penny Washer Series and we have a range of SHIM  washers as per DIN 988.

We ensure that every batch confirms correctly to the relevant standard and material grade.

They are available in the following materials.
Mild Steel – Natural Finish, Zinc Plated and Nickel Plated.
Stainless Steel – AISI 304 and AISI 316
Titanium – Grade 2

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