DIAGER Drill Bits

We are stockists of the DIAGER range of Professional Drilling Bits.

High performance bits for drilling into all types off masonry, concrete, RCC, Granite, Hollow Blocks, Wood and Metal.

  • PREMIUM 3 CUTTER Technology SDS Plus compatible.
  • Resistance to Overheating – The solid monobloc carbide tip, is inserted and brassed with cupper, resistant to over 1000°c temperature raise.
  • Hammering Effect – 3X 135° edges, combine the most efficient drilling without cracking the concrete around.
  • Precision – The self centering tip design, drives the bit straight
  • Drill Rebar – drill without cracking the concrete guarantee of perfect round and calibrated hole
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Diager has developed specially a bit to drill hollow blocks without degrading walls. This special dill bit for hollow blocks allows to realize qualitative holes which enhance reliability of the anchorings.

The WALLSTER Hollow Block Drill bit is efficient in all types of hollow core masonry like Slap, breeze block, Easytherm, Rubbe, hollow brick, plank, Wienerberger, plank etc.

  • Semi positive carbide tip.
  • Tip angle 130°.
  • Short shaped length with Elongated pitch.
  • Hammering reducer. The hammering reducer generates micro percussion and keeps the walls of the block safe from damage.
  • Calibrated hole for iIncreased anchoring strength.
  • The unshaped part of the flute provides rigidity and guides the bit along the line over the entire drilling depth.
  • The flute shape makes removal easier while drilling through insulating material.




For High Speed drilling in masonry. The new Tri-Zone Flute achieves a high rate of dust extraction.

  • The new tip offers a centring tip with “Z” geometry.
  • A wave profile with 3 effectives supporting points.
  • The new flute offers 2 shape designs : half-round and square.
  • Compatible SDS-plus shank.
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A unique drill bit optimised for drilling Granite, Stone and Tile.

  • Features •
  • Special granit profile for the carbide tip.
  • Progressive half-round flute. •
  • Compatible SDS-plus shank.
  •  Drilling into granite from class 1 to 3.



The ultimate heavy duty bit for professionals.

  • Drills through oversize rebar
  • Applications • Drilling in reinforced concrete, concrete (wet or renovation), stone, masonry blocks, brick, lime, rebars connections in bridges, tunnels, mines blasting, pipes and cables, laying fence posts, particularly suitable for the work of plumbers and electricians.
  • Features MASSIVE HEAD SYSTEM 100% carbide head. • 6 front cutters : 2 main ones 2 secondary ones 2 central ones. • 4 side cutters. • 6 side stabilisers. • Eliptic 130° angle optimal combination of concave and convex cutters. • Aggressive center point. • Massive compact monobloc head . • Copper brazing solder. • Progressive fl ute. • 2 very large clearance channels and large volume double screw propeller. • Compatible SDS-max shank.
  • Benefits • Ideal for reinforcements, extreme lifetime. • Drills through oversized rebar. • Unique drilling speed. • Large capacity for evacuation of dust and rubble. • Cutting capacity of the rebars increased thanks to the 6 front cutters : demolition effect. • High resistance to heating, breaking and all use cases. • Ideal on powerful perforator. • Comfort of use, less vibration. • High quality alloy steel, premium tungsten carbide and heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere optimize 100% recovery of hammer hammer strike.
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