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Magnetism of Stainless Steel Fasteners

It is common belief that a simple test for stainless steel is to check with a magnet. If it attracts, the product is not stainless steel. However, this assumption is incorrect. All cold worked Stainless Steel Fasteners get magnetised. The extent of magnetism induced varies for different grades and is explained in ISO-3506

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Blind Rivet Nuts for thin walled applications

A blind rivet nut is a reliable system of inserting high quality load bearing threads in thin gauge materials.

It is very important to understand the various terminology and guidelines for each application.

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A versatile method of weldless fastening of sheets without threaded fasteners.

The below guide explains the various terminology and types and guidelines for different applications.

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Blind Rivet Hole Size Considerations

Work piece hole conditions can affect the performance of a blind rivet. Many times, blind rivet users have a problem with their blind rivets setting properly. In many cases, it is not the blind that is causing their problem, but instead it is the condition of the hole in their work piece that is causing the problem.

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Threading Tools Technical Information

All technical information regarding Threading Taps can be found from the Guide below.

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Drill Sizes for Tapping Threads

It is important when a thread is to be tapped that the hole size is correct.

You can download the suggested drill sizes below.

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Anchor bolts are used extensively in concrete, brick and block masonry and cavities to make structural attachments and connections. To date, a limited amount of information has been available to aid designers and users in the selection and design of anchor bolts in various types of substrates.


Self-Drilling Screws

Self-Drilling and Tapping Screws have become very popular for metal construction due to the ease they bring in to the process. However, there are many considerations that must be made when planning for their use in structures.

The guide explains the various aspects to be considered when selecting the right screw for different applications and also the options available.

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Baercoil Wire Thread Inserts Installation

BAERFIX Self-Tapping inserts Installation

Installing a Multi-Grip Blind Rivet – Goebel

Installing a standard Blind rivet – Goebel

Installing a closed Blind Rivet – goebel

Drill into Reinforced Concrete [RCC] – DIAGER BOOSTER Plus

Cleanly drill holes in Hollow Bricks and Blocks – DIAGER WALLSTER

The Xtreme performance SDS-MAX bit – DIAGER ULTIMAX