Marine Grade Fasteners SS 316 A4

What are marine grade fasteners?

Marine grade fasteners refer to fasteners that have been designed specifically for the marine industry. In other words, they are entirely weather/corrosion resistant. A salt water (marine) environment is a difficult one for metals because of corrosion. On any ship, boat, or oil rig part of the hull or structure remains under water in use, while another portion is above, creating different “zones”, and different corrosion resisting solutions. Most Stainless Steel fasteners do not stand up to the corrosive properties of saltwater environments. It requires a special grade of SS 316 Grade A4 to serve the purpose.

Stainless Steel Grade AISI 316 A4 is now becoming increasingly popular for a number of applications because of the long life it imparts to the components. It is also know as food grade stainless steel and is very useful in food processing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

Wire Rope Clips SS316 A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Wire Rope Clips are used to secure wire ropes (wire rope termination). The main applications are marine, biogas, elevators and personnel hoists 
They are made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4 which is salt water resistant.
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Spring Hooks SS316 A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Spring Hooks, also known as Carabiners is a metal hook with a spring loaded gate. It is used to quickly and reversibly connect components. The main applications of a carabiner is in climbing, marine, sailing, hot air ballooning, window cleaning etc.
They are made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4 which is salt water resistant.
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Quick Links for Chains SS316 A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Quick Links are used to secure, connect or join chains and other items in various applications including marine.
They are made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4 which is salt water resistant.

Wire Thimbles SS 316

Wire Thimbles are used in conjunction with wire rope clips, mainly in marine and biogas applications.
They are made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4 which is salt water resistant.
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Marine Grade Thread Inserts SS 316

Advantages of SS 3i6 Thread Inserts:
– Increased corrosion resistance
– low thread friction
– In areas with exposure to sea water and air
– Exposure to chlorine containing water
– General lightweight construction

Titanium Fasteners

Titanium fasteners are a product of the future and extremely unique in their characteristics. 

Using these unique qualities, titanium alloy screws have extraordinary corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, low weight and non-magnetic properties. Read More…

Marine Grade Screws

A large range of AISI 316 screws, nuts, washers and other fasteners are now availble.

PAN Phillips Machine Screws – Download Datasheet

CSK Phillips Machine Screws – Download Datasheet

Slotted CHS – Download Datasheet

Slotted CSK – Download Datasheet

Slotted PAN – Download Datasheet

TORX PAN – Download Datasheet

TORX CSK – Download Datasheet

Self-Tapping PAN Phillips – Download Datasheet

Self-Tapping CSK Phillips – Download Datasheet

Self-Drilling Hex – Download Datasheet

Self-Drilling PAN Phillips – Download Datasheet

Self-Drilling CSK Phillips – Download Datasheet

Chipboard Screws

Hex Screws – Download Datasheet

Allen Cap Screws – Download Datasheet

Allen CSK Screws – Download Datasheet

Grub Screws Cup Point – Download Datasheet

Grub Screws FLAT Point – Download Datasheet

Hex Coach Screws – Download Datasheet


Threaded Rods

Dowel Pins [Parallel Pins] – Download Datasheet

Split Pins – Download Datasheet

Plain Washers – Download Datasheet

Large Washers – Download Datasheet

Small OD Washers – Download Datasheet

Spring Washers Square – Download Datasheet

Spring Washer FLAT – Download Datasheet

Wedge-Lock Washers – Download Datasheet

Hex Nuts – Download Datasheet

Half Nuts – Download Datasheet

Dome Nuts – Download Datasheet

Nylock Nuts Thin – Download Datasheet

Wing Nuts –

Flange Nuts –

Blind Nuts

Blind Rivets

Anchor Bolts