Clinch Nuts

Self-clinching nuts are installed by placing them in properly sized holes in sheets and applying a parallel squeezing force to the head of the nut.

The sheet metal surrounding the head cold flows into an undercut thereby making the fastener an integral part of the sheet.

For the best dimensional accuracy we recommend that all holes in the sheet metal application be punched.  To install the fastener into the punched Hole a profiled punch is required.  It is essential that the recommended Hole tolerances be observed.

Self-Clinching Nuts provide strong reusable female threads in panels that are too thin to be conventionally tapped. Utilising a special proven clinch feature, this fastener has excellent torque-out and push-out characteristics whilst providing a flush finish on the underside of the panel. Like all self clinching fasteners they are installed using a parallel squeezing force so require access to both sides of the panel.

Sizes: M2 to M10. 4-40UNC to 1/4-20UNC.