GOEBEL Blind Nuts

The Go-Nuts – From the GOEBEL range of high quality blind fastener range.

These are manufactured to a high degree of precision and ensure complete reliability when planning your thin sheet processes.

Available in a variety of head and body styles in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Download Blind Rivet Nut Technical Guide

Available in the following options.

  • Open End – For normal applications. Most popular as it is compact, economical and allows flexible selection of screw length.
  • Closed End – For sealed construction. Liquid or Pnuematic sealing.
  • ROUND – The most common shape due to it’s versatility and economical cost.
  • SEMI-HEX – Use in a hexagonal hole. Higher resistance to turning Torque.  Compared to the full hexagonal body, the semi-hexagonal body prevents accidental unscrewing after setting with a spanner (e.g. during regular maintenance).
  • FULL HEX – Requires a hexagonal hole. High Torque resistance and body strength. Resists deformation.
  • FLAT Head [Large Flange or LF] – Versatile head type most commonly used in industry where flush fixing is not required. High push out load capacity.
  • COUNTERSUNK [CSK] Head – Requires countersinking of parent material to provide a flush seating. Not suitable when sheet thickness is less.
  • SMALL CSK [Reduced CSK] – Extra-small countersunk heads are an improved alternative to countersunk heads as they do not require the hole to be countersunk.


OPEN End Blind Nuts