GOEBEL Blind Nuts

With some projects, finding a fastener that works with thin or brittle materials can seem impossible. This is where rivet nuts, which are also known as a blind nuts, blind rivet nuts, or threaded inserts, come in.

The Go-Nuts – From the GOEBEL range of high quality blind fastener range.

These are manufactured to a high degree of precision and ensure complete reliability when planning your thin sheet processes.

Available in a variety of head and body styles in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Download Blind Rivet Nut Technical Guide

Available in the following options.

  • Open End – For normal applications. Most popular as it is compact, economical and allows flexible selection of screw length.
  • Closed End – For sealed construction. Liquid or Pnuematic sealing.
  • ROUND – The most common shape due to it’s versatility and economical cost.
  • SEMI-HEX – Use in a hexagonal hole. Higher resistance to turning Torque.  Compared to the full hexagonal body, the semi-hexagonal body prevents accidental unscrewing after setting with a spanner (e.g. during regular maintenance).
  • FULL HEX – Requires a hexagonal hole. High Torque resistance and body strength. Resists deformation.
  • FLAT Head [Large Flange or LF] – Versatile head type most commonly used in industry where flush fixing is not required. High push out load capacity. This rivet nut feature offers a large load-bearing surface to both reinforce the hole and keep the rivet nut from being pushed through.
  • COUNTERSUNK [CSK] Head – Requires countersinking of parent material to provide a flush seating. Not suitable when sheet thickness is less.
  • SMALL CSK [Reduced CSK] – Extra-small countersunk heads are an improved alternative to countersunk heads as they do not require the hole to be countersunk. With this feature, you ensure an installation that is nearly or completely flush.


OPEN End Blind Nuts