Blind Rivet / Pop Rivet

These are also known as Pop Rivets/ Gun Rivets/ Break-Stem Rivets. 

​Rivets are popular fasteners where sheets have to be riveted together. One end is called a mandrel that breaks off during installation with a specially designed tool. Used in various areas across the industries. As a steady mechanical fastener, the stainless steel blind rivets are resistant to oxidation and rusting.

Closed End Rivets:

Closed-End Blind Rivets are a type of tubular rivet with a mandrel through the centre. Its most commonly used to secure and completely seal the hole of a joint. Its most distinctive benefit is its leak resistance ability in roofing, metal building or watertight applications. Another advantage is that the close end feature prevents the mandrel ball from falling out of the riveted assembly.

Coloured Pop Rivets Item Code: E1D33

Aluminium painted rivets are popular among architects for aesthetic requirements where the head maybe visible and needs to blend with the background. It is used usually in High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets and other coloured assemblies. It is available in popular colours as per popular needs.

CSK Rivets  Item Code: D32

The break stem blind rivet fastener is a very versatile and cost effective riveting solution. For a flush finish, the Countersunk [CSK] head profile is recommended.

Available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel materials

Large Flange Item Code: D33

Large flange rivets are a pop rivet featuring a wider flange than conventional rivets. When installed properly, they extra fastening power helps attach sheet metal etc to a soft frame or materials with lower strength like plastics.

Our large flange pop rivets are available in 14mm and 16m flange diameters.
Also available in Epoxy colour coated finish for exterior panels.

Monobolt Rivets Item Code: D39

These are also multi grip rivets. A perfect solution for applications having one sided access and a high strength fastener. Suitable for applications where safety and performance is paramount to customer needs.

Suitable for use in dish antennas, electrical enclosures, automotive industry and other transportation applications.

Multi Grip Rivets Item Code: D34

Multi-Grip rivets are best suited for applications where different material thicknesses normally require several rivet sizes. They offer a good solution to remove the variability from hole preparation. When the drilled holes have a slightly larger diameter, in such case Multi-Grips is reliable.

Their wide grip range makes them a perfect versatile fastening system; large counter-head allows the use even in irregular holes and the fastening of non metallic material; they are supplied in many alloys and head styles. 

Round/ Dome Head Rivets