Rivets and Riveting Tools

A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener widely used in industry. Used in many applications where light weight & high strength are critical, for example in an aircraft. In addition, these are also useful for many sheet-metal alloys, which are preferably not welded, as deformation and modification of material can occur.

Types of Rivets

Solid Rivets: 

Solid rivets are very important components in any industrial application, which we manufacture and trade. These rivets are capable of providing high strength in various critical applications. They are very handy in order to avoid any kind of deformation or change in size of the material like the sheet-metal alloys, which again cannot be welded.Round Head, Flat Head and CSK head

Round Head Rivet

Flat Head Rivet

CSK Head Rivet

Break Stem Rivets or Pop Rivet: Dome head, CSK, Large Flange, Open type , Closed type etc.

Introducing High Quality GOEBEL Rivets

Blind Rivet Nuts or Pop Nuts

A blind rivet nut is a tubular rivet with internal threads. It can be installed into dissimilar materials and has internal rolled threads for thread strength. It can be installed in seconds from one side of the work. Once installed, no finishing work is required on the fastener. The added benefit of not only being a dependable fastener, they are ready to use with clean threads available for screw attachments.