Metal Nuts

Our broad product range includes many different types of nuts.

Regular Hex and Square Nuts 

Hex nuts – DIN 934 ISO 4032  Lock Nuts as per DIN 439 and ISO 4035
Dome cap nuts DIN 1587, DIN 917 
Flange nuts – DIN 6923,
Rivet Nuts, Square Nuts
Wing nuts ~ DIN 315, Hex Spacer Nuts DIN 6334

Locking Nuts

Locking Nuts provide some arrangement to arrest loosening up of the joint by providing resistance to the thread while tightening or by some other method.

Nylock nuts – DIN 982 DIN 985
Flanged Nylock Nut DIN 6926
All Metal Self Locking Nuts ~ DIN 980
KEPS Nuts, Castle Nuts and Half Lock Nuts-DIN 439


Some types of nuts are permanently fixed on the component to be assembled. These could be welded, riveted or clinched.

Clinch Standoff
Weld Nuts
Rivet nuts 
Blind Rivet Nuts 
Blind Rivet Nuts Premium
Tee-nuts and D-nuts for Wood.
Cage nuts
T-Slot Nuts – DIN 508
, Self Locking Counter Nuts DIN 7967
Security breakaway nuts.

These Nuts are extensively used in various industries for assembling machinery, equipment & other structures.