CSK TORX MC Screws ISO 14581

The Torx compatible drive is a reliable method of fixing screws. This drive can take more torque and does not slip.

The hexalobular socket screw drive, known as Torx or star drive, uses a star-shaped recess in the fastener with six rounded points. It was designed to permit increased torque transfer from the driver to the bit compared to other drive systems. This system features a 15-degree drive angle which provides high torque transfer. Radial forces are drastically reduced resulting in longer tool life. It has vertical sidewalls which increases tool engagement CAMOUT is defined as the force upward on a screwdriver as the torsional force is increased to tighten the screw. Torx Screws do not have camout problems as no camout forces are created to push the driver up and out of the fastener recess. Due to this, the pressure required to keep the screwdriver in the socket reduces significantly and therefore reduces operator muscular stress and fatigue.

Because of these advantages, Torx drive screws are very popular in the automotive and electronics industries.

Countersunk Screws are used where a flush finish is required.

  • Our range of TX CSK head screws is presently in Stainless Steel.
  • Standard – ISO 14583
  • Materials: AISI-304 AISI-316
  • Size Range: M1.6 to M10 up to 150mm length
  • Datasheet