JCPLAS – The reliable thread forming screw for easy fastening into thermoplastics.

Plastic is proving to be a versatile material for the future in spite of the hue and cry against it. It is opening up a world of innovations where smaller, lighter and cheaper is driving the markets.

But it comes with its own technological challenges such as suitable fastening solutions.

The regular screws are completely unsuitable leading to development of specialised screws for use in plastics.





With the increasing use of 3D printing technology, it has become imperative that a reliable screw capable of providing a secure strong joint in plastics is available.


An effective solution is to use thread-forming screws with 30° thread form.

This feature allows the screw to make deeper grooves into the material and capture more of it between the threads, creating an even greater resistance to shear force while reducing stress.

The JCPlas screw uses this design form which provides many benefits.

Download the Plastite-Screw-Guide

Our screws are made from Stainless Steel AISI-304 Grade to provide a strong corrosion resistant assembly for a long life to your product.

Available in PAN Phillips and CSK Phillips Heads.

Download Plastite PAN Datasheet

Download Plastite CSK Datasheet