Furniture Fasteners

  We are stocking an elaborate range of fasteners and screws used in manufacture of furniture and wood working.

Range : Joint Connector Bolts, JCB Screws, CM Screws, Chipboard Screws, Barrel Nuts, Hanger Bolts, Connecting Screws, Minifix, Wood Dowels, D-Nuts, T-Nuts etc.

Joint Connector Bolts (JCB Screws)  

Steel connector bolts are regularly used in furniture making including the production of cabinets, chairs, tables, beds; in fact just about any type of furniture. Designed to be used with other furniture fasteners such as cross dowels, insert nuts or their matching Furniture Connector Caps, which we also supply. The “Hex Socket” drive requires a standard allen key to install. This is particularly useful when supplying flat pack products to the customer for self-assembly, or where it may be necessary for the customer to undo fastenings easily, perhaps for maintenance or easy moving of large items. These flat head furniture connector bolts have an aesthetically appealing appearance, perfect for when the fastenings will be easily visible on the finished product. In these situations the bolts will be an integral part of the look of the product so it is important to use bolts that provide an aesthetic finish.The JCB type of fasteners is mostly commonly used in the furniture industry, it has compatible nut which resembles a barrel shaped flange with a protruding boss that is internally threaded. The boss (connector nut) sits within the two joining pieces. Furniture Connector Bolts can provide a pleasing appearance on the surface with a allen key drive.

Confirmat Screws (CM Screws)

Socket Confirmat Wood screws work with a 3mm hex key OR Pozi Bit, and are suitable for all chipboard corner joints and other furniture applications. These screws are designed to offer a secure connection in pilot holes of either 4 or 5mm, and are available with or without decorative plastic caps.

For best results, we recommend flush-mounting in a pre-drilled, countersunk hole

Item Code: A2B59

Chipboard Screws

Chipboard Screws are now available with us. Ideally suitable for fast fixing to wood and boards.

The Countersunk head has a Pozi drive for easy tightening. Available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel AISI 304 Grade.
By default most sizes are fully threaded and some sizes are available in half thread.
Sizes : 3mm to 8mm diameters up to 150 mm length.

Item code:


Hanger Bolts 

Hanger bolts are stainless steel bolts that have threaded areas at both ends: machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole on one end and wood threads on the other. They are designed for insertion into a pre-drilled hole. Ideal for:

  • Overhead applications: suspending electrical wiring or sheet metal from wooden structures.
  • Sanitary applications: plumbing and bathroom fittings

Connecting Screws  Item Code: A2B55

Connecting Screw

Connecting Screws consists of 2 parts: male sleeve and the ribbed female component. Popularly known as the sex bolt or the Tool Post Bolt, it is used to secure parallel panels together. It has multiple uses in the furniture industry.

A comprehensive range of lengths is available to suit most applications.

Usage: Typical applications include side-by-side connection

  • Mild Steel with nickel coating
  • Mild Steel with zinc coating

Wood Dowels 

Wood dowels are cylindrical pieces of wood that can be used in woodworking, crafts etc as pegs, axles and support rods.

These are available in a variety of diameters and length.



Wood -Dowel-Datasheet


are a self tapping insert for wood, typically used for knock down furniture assemblies, providing a strong and permanent thread for wood and wood based sheet material. These D Insert Nuts provide a strong, permanent thread for wood and wood-based sheet materials. The incorporated flange alleviates splitting and prevents the Insert Nut from being driven in too far.


A T-nut, T nut, or tee nut is a type of nut used to fasten a wood, particle or composite materials workpiece, leaving a flush surface.
T-nuts are threaded steel inserts with prongs that insert claws into wood when they are tightened, and often work when wood screws fail. After a T-nut is installed, a common bolt is used to join corresponding parts together.
T-nuts and are more effective than wood screws. They are less likely to strip, or cause cracks or splits in any type of wood. Parts can be mass-produced with T-nuts, assembled and reassembled for shipping purposes, or packaged as a kit. T-nuts resist movement and vibration, and can be tightened at regular intervals. Because they have prongs, t-nuts grip softer materials, such as particle board, better than wood screws, which tend to strip.
Now available in Stainless Steel also.
Available in Metric and BSW series.







Barrel Nuts