Baercoil STI Thread Taps

BaerCoil® Taps The BaerCoil® tap dimensions are different in diameter than normal taps. They have a larger diameter than standard taps in order to hold the wire thread insert while maintaining the same dimension. STI- or EG taps are made according to exact standards and in high-performance high-speed steel (HSS or HSSE). If a BaerCoil® thread insert is installed in a correctly cut receiving thread, the required thread tolerance for the installed screw is achieved.

Compatibility Important: BaerCoil® taps are compatible with wire thread inserts and taps from other manufacturers. They are often called  “STI“ or “EG“ taps. Compatibility cannot be guaranteed, so it is always recommended to test from case to case.

The most popular and versatile type is the BAERCOIL bottoming tap. These can be used by hand or machine and for through or blind holes.

Download Baercoil Metric Bottoming Taps Catalogue

Download Baercoil UNC Bottoming Taps Catalogue

Machine Taps are used for higher production volumes.

The Form B Tap is used for through holes.

Download Baercoil Machine Taps Form B Catalogue

The Form C Tap with Spiral Flutes is used for blind Holes.

Download Baercoil Machine Taps Form C Catalogue