BAER Thread Repair

BAER is a leading manufacturer of thread inserts from Germany with over 35 years experience in the field of threading technology.

Thread Reinforcement

Low strength material such as aluminium, fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP), iron castings and magnesium alloys have poor threading properties and the threads created in these materials tend to wear out quickly. This problem can be rectified by thread reinforcement which is typically performed using threaded inserts. Threaded inserts not only provide a strong thread in materials with difficult machining characteristics, but they also reduce the amount of material required by being able to use screws and bolts of smaller diameters and shorter lengths. This is made possible by the high thread resilience of BaerCoil thread inserts which save material usage by up to 10-30%. This results in a reduction of weight and space which is often crucial in aerospace and automobile industries. The saving of material also minimises the total cost of production.

Thread Repair

Threads within a hole often get worn out over time or damaged due to various reasons such as low strength material or improper fastener size, torque specifications or installation. These damaged threads can be fixed easily using thread inserts such as wire thread inserts and self tapping inserts. Baercoil thread inserts help salvage parts rejected due to damaged threads while maintaining the original thread size, thus reducing costs. Baercoil thread inserts also increase the strength of the thread and is corrosion resistant.

We provide two types of high quality threaded inserts

Wire thread inserts – BAERCOIL

Self tapping solid inserts – BAERFIX

BAER Threading Tools