PIN-TORX Self Tapping Security Screw

As the name states, this has an internal pin within the socket which requires a special insert bit or key wrench to insert & remove. This reduces the risk of tampering by thieves or intruders undoing the screws. This design provides more clamping force.

The Hexalobular TORX inner drive facilitates a more reliable slipless fixing.

Due to its 2-way reusable fixing capability, this is a useful security screw where maintenance is required.

Unique internal pin system.
Requires special tools
Suitability: For high torque applications.
Application: Solar panels, control panels, light fixtures in trains and buses, defence equipment, prisons, hospitals, public signs, security cameras, Electric Vehicles etc.
Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304.
Size Range: #4(2.9mm) to #14(6.3mm) up to 80mm length
Head Styles:
1. Countersunk (CSK) Head B4K54 – To seat the screws level with the surface.
Sits flush without any projection.
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2. Button (Dome) Head B4K53 – For maximum torque and grip.