TWIST Shear Nuts

Suitable for high torque applications, these nuts are manufactured for precision. Upon tightening the nut, once the specified torque is exceeded, the hex portion shears off leaving behind a cone head which has no grip and therefore tamper-proof. A fit and forget solution that has proved its reliability over the years.
These nuts are very versatile and find wide usage in fencing, defence equipment, Solar and Energy installations and aerospace industry.


Premium security fastener

Unique shear off feature


Requires standard tools

Suitable for high torque applications

Application: Fencing, defence equipment, aerospace, banks, automotive industry, vehicle number plates, solar panels, prisons, hospitals, public signs.

Materials: Stainless Steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 [against specific order]

Size Range: M5 to M16. Unified sizes against specific orders.

Head Style: Cone Head B4K22