Anti Theft Security Fasteners

The need to safeguard against theft and vandalism in now becoming an essential part of design specifications.

  • Impact of Theft and Tampering.
  • Crime
  • Pliferage
  • Vandalism
  • Lost revenue
  • Liability claims
  • Reputation
  • Breakdowns
  • High Maintenance
  • Negative impact on public safety

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Secure your products with our extensive range of security fastening options.

Security fasteners are specially designed fasteners which cannot be removed using standard screwdrivers or spanners thus preventing theft, vandalism and tampering by unauthorised individuals. Virtually every industry, from retail stores to governmental security has issues with theft, loss prevention and vandalism.

Retail organizations need effective, affordable means to prevent loss from theft and vandalism of their products.

Universities and schools can protect costly classroom/ lab equipment with anti-theft security screws.

Power companies use our tamper resistant solar screws/ bolts to prevent theft of expensive Solar Panels.

Municipals use to prevent manhole covers and other access points from being breached.

Our wide range of security fastening options are shown below. Send us an enquiry and we will help you find the optimum solution to meet all your security fastening needs. Security fasteners can be classified into two types: Permanent and Re Usable Screws


“TWIST” Security Fasteners are permanent security fasteners that cannot be removed once fixed, thus protecting your products from vandalism, theft, and tampering from unauthorised individuals. These premium security fasteners are designed with a unique shear off feature that causes the hexagonal part of the fasteners to break off upon surpassing the maximum torque limit, leaving behind a tamper proof fastening. The special design of “TWIST” fasteners does not require any special tools and it can be installed using standard spanners and sockets. The one-way action makes these fasteners ideal for applications where maintenance is not required. “TWIST” Security Fasteners are available in the form of bolts, nuts and as a combination. A “TWIST” fastener today can ensure the safety of your product for a lifetime.

Range of Permanent Fasteners

TWIST Shear Bolts

Premium security option. Highly effective.


TWIST Shear Nuts

A  versatile permanent security option.

FORWARD One-Way Screws
Solar Security Fasteners


Re-usable Security Screws are screws which are specially designed for applications where maintenance is required. They can only be installed and removed using special tools which gives authorised personnel secure access to the product

Range in Reusable Screws
MULTI Pin-Hex Machine Screws
MULTI Pin-Hex Self-Tapping Screws
MULTI Pin-Torx Machine Screws
MULTI Pin-Torx Self-Tapping Screws
2H Premium Security Screws
KM Premium Security Nut

Material: Stainless Steel AISI-304 and AISI-316 [Against specific order]

Size Range: M3 to M16 metric, 1/4-20UNC to 1/2-13UNC and #4 to #14 Self-Tapping.

Tools: L-Keys and Bits suitable for these screws.