Expandet Wood Screws

Heco Topix Wood Construction Screw

Expandet Heco-Topix wood constructions screw is suitable for fixing of wood constructions, trusses, stairs, insolation on trusses etc. without pre-drilling.


No pre-drilling.

The special design prevents risk of cracking.

The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy.

Lower installation torque (moment) due to specially designed ribs.

Outdoor Screw V2 CSK/ Pan Torx available in Carbon Steel.

Colour: Gold

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Installation Screw

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 Drywall Screw

Expandet Drywall Screws ensures fast and effective installation, and are available in a wide range for both steel and timber substructures. Drywall Screws are CE-marked and optimized for professional use.


Optimised for professional use.

Wide range for steel and timber substructures.

Fast and effective installation.

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Extra Decking Screw

We are stocking this specialised product from Denmark with a reduced countersunk head, milling ribs and fibre-cut.

Wooden decks usually consist of thin planks; being outdoors, they must endure harsh environmental conditions. This is where deck screws come in. They are designed to resist corrosion, drive easily and lay smoothly against the deck surface. As they anchor timber or composite deck boards to structural timber or joists, to ensure a good smooth working, these screws have a parallel shank, with a self drilling and countersink feature. This enables the screw to be fastened in a single operation doing away with the necessity of predrilling the deck boards. Usually made from stainless steel or with a SS coating to prevent corrosion for outdoor use, its other special feature includes a high torque drive fitting such as hexagon, square and torx drives.

Produced in A4 (316) for outdoor use. Ideal for use in ACQ timber and other aggressive environment.

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Facade Screw 






Expanded Facade Screw with a number of  different coloured heads – natural, pearl, flint, sand, granite etc
Available in 4.8×36

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Expandet Extra Outdoor Screws

Used in load bearing timber structures making it very unique.

Has fibercut and saw thread => suitable for fast fixing into wood.

Special ceramic coating technology permits outdoor use.

Can be used in ACQ timber without fear of corrosion.

These screws use the torx drive for slip-less fixing.

Surface coated with Ceramic coating technology.

High resistance in ACQ timber.

Screw design ensures easy & quick installation.

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