Anchors for Aerated Material – Expandet

Special – Long Neck Nylon Anchor

For fixing with chipboard screws in aerated concrete, breeze and porous materials.

Specially suitable for walls with plaster due to the long neck.

Nylon Plug, withstands temp -40C to +80C.


Super Frame Fixing – Long Expansion

Specially developed for fixing of window frames etc. in lightweight blocks, aerated concrete, hollow bricks and porous walls.

Through Fixing.

High load capacities in low density base material.

No Thermal bridge.

Nylon anchor, withstands temp from -40C to +80C.

Super Nylon Plug – Long Expansion 

Specially developed for fixing in Hollow Bricks, Aerated concrete, lightweight blocks & porous walls.


Expandet Super with long Expansion ensures self centering of the screw.

Withstands temperature from -40C till +80C.


For fixing in aerated concrete, breeze, light blocks, two and three layer plasterboards


LB Metal is suitable for fire resistant fixing.

LB Nylon can be used with wood screw/metric screw.

Made in PA6 Nylon.

Withstands temps from -40 to 80+.

LB Metal produced in A1Zn.