Plasterboard Anchors – Expandet

What is a plasterboard: A plasterboard, also known as  drywall, is a building material. It consists of a sheet of plaster covered with heavy paper on both sides; it is used to line the inner walls of houses. Drywall construction became popular as a time and labour saving alternative to traditional lath and plaster.

However, fixing objects on drywall is a little bit of a challenge. There is generally a gap behind the drywall and these are therefore known as cavity fixings.

Light Rosset    Item Code: N4L04

Expandet Light Rosett is effective for lightweight fixing in plasterboards like pictures, lamps, etc. Also usable in gypsum fibre boards, chipboards, masonite and other cavity walls . Easy installation without any special tools . Functions effectively in cavities with insulation, and does not damage the plasterboard.


• Designed for lightweight fixing in plasterboards

• Easy fixing – no special tool required.

• Works with the same degree of safety in insulated cavities.

• Does not damage the plasterboard.

• Recommended by leading plasterboard manufactures.


Rosset Heavy Object Anchor Fastener

For fixing of heavy objects like shelves, radiators, cupboards etc.

Useful for use in plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, chipboards & other cavity walls.

Made from Nylon, thread is 30% glass reinforced.

Easy Fixing, No special tool needed.

Available with PAN head, Round Eye, Hook options.

Highest load capacity in this class of Anchors.


Jet Drive 

For Fixing lightweight objects like sockets, curtain rails etc.

No pre-drilling.

For fast & easy fixing in Plasterboards


Plaster Plugs

A very popular fixing for cavities, this is easy to use.

Expandet Plaster Plug Cavity Fixing Anchor is very effective for most light solutions in both 1 and 2 layer plasterboard or other materials such as chipboards, gypsum fibre boards and other walls with cavities.


Suitable for both single and double layers

Wings of the dowel prevent rotation in the drilled hole.

Use with standard wood screw

Can be used in:


Hollow Masonry


Perforated Brick / Block

Nylon Cavity Anchor-Catalogue-Download

Expandet Metal CAVITY ANCHOR

Expandet Metal Cavity Anchor is suitable for fixing cable  trays, brackets, piping, and boards, etc.
Can be used with all metric threaded screws in plasterboards with cavity. Installation with special installing tool.
Expandet Metal Cavity Anchor is zinc plated with min. 5 µm.

Metal Cavity Anchor-Catalogue-Download

Spring Toggle – Light duty Anchor

A perfect solution for suspending objects from false ceilings. For light duty fixing in plasterboards. Suitable in all material with cavities.

Zinc Plated

Fire Resistant


Expandet METAL Toggle Anchor

For medium duty fastening of suspended ceilings in plasterboards, gypsum fiber boards, chipboards and other constructions with cavities.

Capable of bridging thick walls.
Suitable in all materials with cavities.
Can be used with all screws with metric thread.
Fire resistant.