Expandet Accessories

A number of accessories are available from the Expandet range. These compliment the fixings and enhance the capabilities of the user when designing or installing various objects to different substrates.


These are available in a wood-screw thread. For fixing various objects on wooden substrates and also in masonry with suitable nylon plugs. Objects can hang with suitable hooks from the eye.

Screw Hook Light



Screw Hook Heavy



Lamp Hook

Lamp Hooks for all styles of lighting fixtures. Connecting a chain to a lamp requires a connector like a hook or the specialised lamp hook.

Angle (L) Hook

The hook angle, also referred to as the rake angle is the term used to describe the direction of the blade’s teeth, as compared to the rotation and central axis of a saw blade

Concrete Hook

Special hardened pins provided with your ubiquitous wall hook; no need to drill holes, just hammer the nail into the wall. Easy to use with high load capacity.

Cover Caps

Expandet Screw Cover Caps are a popular product for all kinds of screw covering uses both in construction, furniture and industrial settings where they are often used by Painters & Decorators to increase the aesthetic of visible screw heads. Manufactured from a Polypropylene these caps offer a reliably strong finishing option, coming in many colours including Brown, Grey, Black & White to name a few.


Fast Caps 

Self adhesive moisture resistant covercaps in a wide variety of colours, supplied in both plastic and real wood for optimal finish and fast mounting.  Be it screws fixed on to wood or frame anchors, these caps provide a quality to the finished product.

These are of the highest quality and provide clean finish. By using a countersink drill, a flush surface can be obtained.

Using the right colour cap can make the screw installation practically invisible.