Brick and Concrete Anchors – Expandet

Extreme PRO

ESI Xtreme Pro is the professional all round bonded anchor solution for expansion free, safe and fast anchorage of threaded rod, socket anchors with internal thread, rebar etc. in most base materials. Also suitable for use in wet, flooded holes. ETA and CE marked in option 1 (cracked concrete) and seismic use. ETA and CE marked for post-installed rebar according to EC2. Use of a professional injection gun (H245) is recommended. Fire Tested R120. 

Use in solid & hollow brick, Concrete, Lightweight concrete/ aerated concrete.

ETA and CE marked use in loadbearing constructions when using steel grade 4.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, A4-50 & A4-70 in concrete.

Wide range of embedment depth –  allows for optimized embedment depth.

Can be used close to the edge and with a small spacing.

Applicable in dry/wet and flooded holes.

Seismic Areas



Used for fixing into solid brick and concrete.




Expansion on the total surface/length of the wallplug.

Three external fins prevent rotation.

Profile ensures self centring of the screw.

High tensile loads in concrete and solid brick.

Protects the screw against corrosion.

Available dia: 4-14mm. Length: upto 90mm
Load capacities from 20kgs to 900kgs


Super Plug  Item Code: N4L15 

High load capacity.

Octagonal neck/strong wings prevent rotation in drilled hole.

Useable as through fixing due to knock in protection.

The design ensures self centring of screw.

Made of Nylon PA6; Withstands temp from -40 to +80

Size Range: 4mm to 20mm


Super Plug with Long Expansion Item Code: N4L10

Specially developed for fixing in Hollow Bricks, Aerated concrete, lightweight blocks & porous walls.




Octagonal neck/ strong wings prevent rotation in drilled hole.

Expandet Super with long Expansion ensures self centering of the screw.


8mm Super Frame Fixing Item Code: N5L16 

Specifically developed for fixing of door and window frames, wooden laths, substructures, cladding etc.


Through fixing

High load capacities

Useable in several building materials

Nylon anchor, withstands temp from -40C to +80C


Frame Fixing with Long Expansion – CSK Item Code: N5L11

Specially developed for fixing of window frames etc in lightweight blocks, aerated concrete, hollow bricks and porous walls.


Through Fixing

High load capacities in low density base material

No Thermal bridge

Nylon anchor, withstands temp from -40C to +80C.


Concrete Screw Item Code: N1L21 and N1L22

A revolutionary unique product. Perfect for fixing door and window frames of aluminium, wood and UPVC.

Distance screw for fixing doors, window frames etc in concrete, solid brick, aerated concrete, & other solid materials.



Zinc plated.

Expansion free, fast & easy fixing without applying plug.

Wax treated for easy fixing.

No pre drilling in light density or porous material.

Available in CSK and H/L. Also available in Stainless Steel.


Nail Anchor Item Code: N5L18 and N5L19 

For fixing of skirting, brackets, laths, frames and battens etc in solid brick and concrete.


Fast & easy fixing – can be removed.

Countersinks itself when nail is hammered in.

Useable in aerated concrete.

Wide range of nail types.

Through Fixing.

Available in CSK and Cylindrical head

Nylon Plug, withstands temp -40C to +80C


MFA Anchor CSK Code:N5L48

Expandet MFA with countersunk head is a multi facade/frame anchor that is suitable for fixing of facades, doors, windows, gates, cable trays, metal bracket etc. in concrete, solid bricks, hollow bricks and aerated concrete.
MFA is CE-marked: useful for fixing lightweight facades.


Through fixing.

High load capacities.

All-round use – useable in several building materials.

Resistant to vibrations.

No thermal bridge.

Fire classified R90.

The extensive range allows a wide range of application​.


Alum Hammer Rivet Item Code: E1L23

For fixing of cladding, steel sheet profiles and wall covering applications.

Fast, Easy through fixing.

Corrosion resistant – very suitable for outdoor use.


Recommended for zinc and aluminium claddings.

Fire Resistant.

Small drill-depth and drill-diameter.

Made from zinc alloy aluminium with Inox A2 Stainless steel nail.