Concrete Anchors

Through Bolt EXG II  

For fixing of heavy objects like steel and wood structures, base plates and brackets in concrete.
Has fire resistant classification. High load capacities.
Is supplied assembled.
Letter marked head – easy inspection. 
Through fixing. 
Long Thread – suitable for stand-of fixing. 

ETA approved in option 7 Available in zinc plated steel.
SS A4 available on request



Through Bolt BZ 

For fixing of heavy objects like steel & wood structures, base plates and brackets in cracked & non-cracked concrete.

  • High load capacities.
    Supplied as an assembled unit.
    Marking of setting depth.
    Letter marked head for easy inspection.
    Approved in cracked concrete.
    Fire resistant.
  • Available in zinc plated.
    SS A4 available on request.
  • Expandet-Thrubolt-BZ-Catalogue

Heavy Duty Anchor 

For fixing of medium to heavy duty applications where extra high degree of load capacity is required in both cracked and non cracked concrete.

  • Fire Resistant classification.
    High steel strength.
    Easy installing – through fixing.
    Approved for use in cracked concrete.
  • ETA Approved in Option 1.
    Steel zinc plated
  • Heavy-Duty-Anchor-Catalogue

Drop In Anchor 

For fixing with metric screws, threaded rods etc of suspended ceilings, structural steel and brackets in concrete.

Easy and flush to the wall fixing.
High load capacity.
Small drill & setting depth.
Fixture, screw or threaded rod can be removed without affecting the anchor.
Visible control of correct installation: original setting tool leaves four marks in the Drop In Anchor.
Fire resistant.


Multi Monti 

For fixing of brackets, balcony railings, machines, wood & steel structures etc in cracked and non cracked surfaces and other solid base materials.

Expansion free, Through fixing.
Economic & Easy installation – without any special tools.
Reduction of installation time of upto 50%.
Torque control not required.
Fire Resistant

ETA approved for option 1, for use in cracked/ non-cracked concrete
Is supplied in zinc plated & SS


C BOLT with Flange

  • Expandet C-Bolt with flange for fixings in cracked/ non-cracked concrete and lightweight concrete . It can be used for fixing brackets, balcony railings, machines, wood- and steel structures etc.
    • Small drill diameter and Expansion free.
  • • Through fixing.
    • Economical and easy to use- without use of special tools.
    • Reduction of installation time up to 50%.
    • Torque control is not required.
    • Can be installed close to edges.
    • ETA approved in Option 1, for use in cracked and non-cracked   concrete .
    • Anchorages can be designed in Expandet Calculation Software.
  • Expandet-C-Bolt-Catalogue

Concrete Hammer Rivet 

Special for fixing of suspended ceilings, ventilation systems, claddings, brackets and sheet metal in concrete

  • Advantages
  • Load capacities are valid for cracked & non cracked concrete
  • Fast and easy through fixing.
  • Small drill Diameter
  • Fire resistant classification: F120
  • Concrete-Hammer-Rivet-Catalogue

Ceiling Anchor 

Available in different types.
Suitable for most kinds of suspended ceilings in concrete

​Has small drill depth.

Expandet-Ceiling Anchor-Catalogue