Canco Anchors

An anchor consists of a fastener body that has a pair of integral axial anchoring sections.

These fasteners are used in construction industry for fixing gates, door frames, windows, kitchen cabinets & wardrobes, squared timbers, facings, facade and roof substructures, made of wood and metal.

Our Expansion Fasteners are fabricated using superior quality raw material to ensure its unmatched performance and fast & firm installation.

The CANCO range includes metal anchors and Drywall Screws.

Can Bolt CCB – Also known as Rawlbolt. Suitable for Concrete and Brick. Download Product Catalogue CCB

Can Zebra Anchors CZA – Also known as Pin-Type Anchor. Suitable for Concrete. Download Product Catalogue CZA

Can Thrubolt CTB. Download Product Catalogue CTB

Can Projection Bolt CPB. Download Product Catalogue CPB

Can Tam Bolts CTMB

Can Tam Eye Bolts CTME

Canco Drywall Screws