Fastener News

Corrosion and its Ill Effects

If you thought corrosion was merely about unsightly patches of red oxide – rust –
which plague steel and iron products in coastal areas and offshore applications, think again. Read More


Selecting the Right Fastener

Selection of the correct Fastener is very important. Begin by assessing the load that will be placed on it. Any metal fastener will hold well against a sideways (shear) force. But with a tensile force pulling the fastener straight out, holding strength becomes increasingly dependent on the threads (Read More)


Structural Safety in Anchoring

What is a Safety-critical application? European Technical guidelines defines as “Applications in which the failure of an anchor could result in collapse or partial collapse of a structure, cause risk to human life, or lead to a significant economic loss”. Given the importance of the reliability and stability of anchors in protecting the safety, health and welfare of people and property, each anchor used in a structural capacity should always have a European Technical Assessment(ETA) approval. (Read More)

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