BLACK Coating on Stainless Steel Fasteners

Adding to our ever growing range are BLACK  Stainless Steel Screws.This finish is very useful to reduce light reflection from parts, provide an integrated finish to black coloured products & parts and also for decorative purposes.

It is a conversion coating that produces a uniform, attractive, and non-reflective black finish on stainless steels. It provides a permanent black colour with exceptional strength and elasticity. The finish does not chip, peel, craze, or rub off and provides good resistance to wear and abrasion. The coating reduces friction of moving parts, preventing galling and scoring. Improved corrosion resistance is obtained and there is a negligible dimensional build up, smooth screw assembly is assured.

However, care must be taken to select the right conditions under which Black Stainless Steel Fasteners should be used. It is not recommended for all applications.

Colour will change if you’re using black oxide and a 900 degree or higher environment. So if you’re going to put the black oxide parts into nine hundred, one thousand degrees, you’re going to see variations in the colour happen.

Further, if an SS-304 Black coated fastener is exposed to salt, you will see Red Rust because of the coating.

Red Rust formation on the Black Oxide layer can be noticed in many harsh environments although this can be washed off as the properties of the base material – Stainless Steel – will still work.


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