Launching our range of "TITAN" brand, Titanium Fasteners, a product of the future.
By exploiting the unique characteristics of titanium alloys, we bring you fasteners that have extraordinary corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, low weight and non-magnetic properties. Based on these properties, they find application in aerospace, chemical, defence, robotics, nuclear, marine, petrochemical, racing car and bike bodies and engines, anodising and medical equipment industries.
Get the Titanium Advantage
- Lightweight; Weighs half of stainless steel.
- Non Magnetic; Extremely low magnetism
- Non Toxic: Safe for the humann body
- Superior corrosion resistance; Excellent resistance to acid-base.

Titanium Alloys available in ready stock:

- Ti-Grade2 Commercially Pure C.P.
This grade of titanium has the highest grade of corrosion resistance. It is used in a broad range of corrosive environments such as salt water, acids, alkalis, and other industrial chemicals.

- Ti-Grade5Ti 6AI-4V
This grade is among the most common grades of titanium. While not as corrosive resistant as the CP grade, it does offer good corrosive resistance. It offers a higher tensile strength compared to the CP grade

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Our Titan brand of Screws and Bolts are produced by the latest techniques in cold forging thus providing fasteners which have a great finish, high quality and better properties. The advantages are enumerated here.