Contact Lock Washers NFE 25-511

Contact Washers are Conical Shaped Lock Washers, formed with a ribbed top surface. The conical shape exerts locking force 360° around the underside of the screw head or nut by generating Tension. The ribbed top surface further enhances the locking force and resists the torqued fastener connection potential for loosening under pressure and vibration. This is a single-sided toothed and non-slip locking washer, providing  the designer the ability to secure wobble-prone screw effectively. It is particularly suitable for use on slot fasteners, dynamic cross-loaded to the screw connections and applications that require high biasing forces.

These washers are widely used in locomotives, appliances, elevators, electrical towers, medical machinery and electronic equipment.

Range available:

Sizes - M3 to M20

Materials : SS-304 A2 and SS-316 A4