Item Code: L5C10
BaerCoil thread inserts are also available in the form of thread repair kits to enable the repair of damaged threads. The Kits come complete with the correct drill bit, tap and inserting tools required to repair the damaged threads. A wide range of thread repair kits for all your damaged thread problems available in ready stock. In machinery maintenance, this is the ultimate indispensable partner for thread repair.


  • All the tools required for thread repair are available in one handy kit
  • Rejected parts can be saved while maintaining the original size
  • Expensive replacement of components is thus avoided
  • Thread is strengthened in its pull out and corrosion resistance
  • Available in both, metric and inch series
    • ​​M2 to M24
    • UNC: 2-56 to 1"
    • UNF: 6-40 to 1"
  • Fine pitch inserts available
  • BSP and NPT available on request
  • Also available as workshop kits, which contain a range of sizes in one kit.

For Self Tapping Thread Repair, see also BaerFix Self Tapping Inserts.


Item Code: L1C01
Free running thread inserts are ideal for thread repair and thread reinforcement


  • Greater in diameter than the tapped hole.
  • The diameter of the leading coil reduces due to the torque applied to the tang during assembly to allow it to enter the tapped thread
  • The coils then expands with a spring-like action anchoring the insert permanently in place against the tapped hole.
  • The helical insert automatically adjusts itself, radially and axially, to any expansion or contraction of the parent material.
  • No staking, locking, swaging, keying, nor interference fit is required to retain helical thread inserts
  • Eliminates stress concentration in parent material.​
  • Available in both, metric and inch series
    • ​​M1.5 to M30
    • UNC: 2-56 to 1"
    • BSW: 3/16 to 1"
    • UNF: 6-40 to 1"
  • Fine pitch inserts available
  • BSP and NPT available on request

Application areas

  • Automobile industries : Engine, Transmission, Body Parts, Radiator, Oil Drain, Spark Plug etc.
  • Aerospace : Engines, assembly parts reinforcement.
  • Medical Devices, Electronic and Laboratory Technology, Capacitors, Casings.
  • Pumps, machine construction, components
  • Military equipment, airplanes, tanks, scopes etc.

​Materials Available

Stainless Steel - AISI-304

On Request:

Stainless Steel - AISI-316

Inconel X750 - for high temperature applications

Nimonic 90 -    for high temperature applications



M1.6 to M42

2-56UNC to 1.1/2"-6UNC

​2-56UNF to 1.1/2"-12UNF

Fine Pitch for Spark Plugs

Thread Reinforcement

  • Reinforces and increases the pull-out strength especially in materials with low shear strength
  • Provides a better balance strength distribution
  • Greater effective shear surface
  • Protection against wear of thread
  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Helps in reduction of weight and space thus minimizing total cost

Thread Repair

  • Facilitates the repair of damaged or worn threads
  • Salvages rejected parts while maintaining the original thread size
  • Increases pull-out strength of the thread
  • Corrosion resistance

Baercoil inserts are well suited for use in:

  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
  • Brass, Bronze and cast-iron
  • Magnesium Alloys
  • Steels and plastics





  • Insert has one or more of its intermediate coils deformed polygonally.
  • Creates strong resilient pressure onto the thread flanks of the bolt or screw as it passes through.
  • This built in prevailing Torque of the Grip-Coil positively locks the Bolt or Screw safeguarding against loosening under vibration or impact.
  • The Bolts or Screws can be inserted by hand up to the Grip-Coil, after which some mechanical mean (spanner, wrench or driver) must be employed to overcome the prevailing torque.
  • Available in both, metric and inch series
    • ​M2 to M24
    • UNC: 2-56 to 1"
    • BSW: 3/16 to 1"
  • ​Coloured red for identification
  • ​Conforms to DIN 8140

BaerCoil are wire thread inserts from BAER, Germany, made from austenitic chromium nickel steel (stainless steel AISI 304) with a material tensile strength of at least 1400 N/mm². The wire is swaged in cold form during production to a rhombic cross section ensuring performance and maximum space utilisation. With BaerCoil thread inserts you achieve a better thread connection in regard to wear resistance, thread abrasion, surface finish, corrosion- and heat resistance than with any other single screw connection. BaerCoil inserts can give material savings of up to 30%, resulting in reduced space, weight and costs. BaerCoil is typically used for thread repair and thread reinforcement.


Item Code L1C02

BaerCoil Screw Grip locking thread inserts have one or more polygon formed windings which have a clamping effect on the flanks of the inserted screw. This forms an elastic and flexible frictional connection. Due to this screw clamping or screw locking effect, it is recommended to use screws with a higher property class (from 8.8 onward) with these inserts. Under no circumstances should "black" (with heat treatment scale) bolts be used. BaerCoil Screw Grip locking thread inserts are predominantly used in areas where screw connections must remain tight while exposed to impacts, constant vibrations and movements.