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The importance of a Fastener

Fasteners literally hold industry together. They are very important because each component, machinery, vehicle needs a fastener to hold it together. An incorrect or missing fastener can lead to disastrous consequences.  A fastener may be a small piece of the design process, but this small component is very significant. 

Our Latest Offerings:

BLACK PASSIVATED Stainless Steel Screws

Adding to our ever growing range are BLACK Passivated Stainless Steel Screws.This finish is very useful to reduce light reflection from parts, provide an integrated finish to black coloured products & parts and also for decorative purposes.

It is a conversion coating that produces a uniform, attractive, and non-reflective black finish on stainless steels. It provides a permanent black color with exceptional strength and elasticity. The finish does not chip, peel, craze, or rub off and provides good resistance to wear and abrasion. The coating reduces friction of moving parts, preventing galling and scoring. Improved corrosion resistance is obtained and there is a negligible dimensional build up, smooth screw assembly is assured.

At present, our shelf stock includes PAN Phillips and CSK Phillips screws in Metric Threads. Other screws can be provided on order.

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Captive Screws

Captive screws basically are specially designed to lock into position in a hole, enabling easy setting up and removing of the attached pieces even without the complete removal of the screw.

Slim Ultra Low Profile Torx Screws

Ultra-thin head screw that are up to 77% thinner than conventional screw heads which makes possible flat external surface and contributes low-profile design and weight saving.

Heico-Lock Wedge Washer

Suitable for dynamic loads

Increases Clamping force

Easy installation and removal

Secures bolt fastening with preload force

Titanium Fasteners 

Corrosion resistant,

High tensile strength

​Non Magnetic

Lightweight – weighs half of stainless steel.
Non Toxic: Safe for the human body